Voyages Hola Tours is a family business. Founded in 2013, father and daughter have joined efforts to devote themselves to tourism. Organized trips and travelling by coach have always interested the owners.

Sylvio Roy has close to 30 years of experience in the field of customer service. He is known by many in the Chaleur region and Acadian Peninsula, having worked for a long time in sales and management. He is now branching out professionally into independent work. Sylvio loves working with people and wants to continue to serve customers in the travel industry. He is committed to making people comfortable, meeting peoples’ needs and ensuring safe transportation.

Melissa Roy has finished college and university studies. She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, as well as diplomas in Business and Event Planning. During her studies, she worked in management and, more recently, in tourism. Melissa’s desire is to help customers discover tourist attractions by offering trips that have been planned and organized down to the smallest detail. She is committed to providing a detailed travel itinerary and offering her services as a tour guide, as well as helping customers discover majestic places and make memories.

Sylvio and Melissa invite you to travel without any worries, since each member of Voyages Hola Tours’ team is both qualified and certified to work in his or her respective field. What’s more, their service is always bilingual. That’s why they can confidently invite you to take part in their beautiful adventures!